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Please follow usual UNIX conventions, including limiting yourself to lowercase letters and between 2 and 12 characters. It's helpful to pick a name you wouldn't mind using to identify yourself to both strangers and friends. Something based on your "real" name is a safe bet.
You don't need to worry about whether or not the username you want is already taken. This application system will let you know if that is the case. You can probably use a shorter and simpler name than you are accustomed to getting at larger services, so we encourage you to try such names first.
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You can change this option later, but we'll probably have helpful things to e-mail you as soon as you join. It's important that we be able to reach members reliably, so please don't decide to use us as your primary e-mail provider unless you can commit to checking your HCoop mailbox just as often as any other personal accounts you have.
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You must agree to the following terms to be considered for membership:

Terms of Service Agreement

By accepting membership in HCOOP, Inc., you agree to the following terms of service:

  1. The term Provider will be used to refer to HCOOP, Inc..
  2. Members will be taken to be the members of HCOOP, Inc., as defined in its bylaws.
  3. You will refer to the individual agreeing to these terms, who will be counted among the Members.
  4. Our resources and our equipment refer to the computers and computer/networking equipment operated by the Provider.

The Provider may impose upon the users reasonable rules and regulations regarding the use of the services from time to time. Any such necessary rules will be reflected in changes to these terms of service.

The major legal obligation of the Provider is to honor the following contracts with our current hosting providers:

You will take no action to cause the Provider to be in breach of any of these agreements. In the event that a breach takes place due to your actions involving domains, web sites, e-mail, or other service usage under your control, you agree to, along with other members sharing responsibility for the breach, pay all legal costs associated with the violation, pay all service or repair fees requested by the above organizations to deal with the violation, and generally assume all responsibility for the violation. The below cases will inexhaustively list some requirements on you, including what is permitted and your responsibilities should you do something unpermitted.

You shall remain solely responsible for your use of our resources. You are also responsible for any and all content which is displayed, downloaded, uploaded or transmitted through your accounts, including your UNIX login(s). Content includes home pages, web pages, domain names, e-mail, stored data and any other data stored on or transmitted through our equipment. You are responsible for domains delegated to you through automated means, including UNIX filesystem permissions, which means that you may be held responsible for the actions of others related to domains you have given them permission to access, or for the actions of others related to daemons running on ports that have been assigned to you. This list is provided without limitation.

The Provider reserves the right to refuse service or access to anyone at any time for any reason.

An inexhaustive list of prohibited uses of our resources includes: any material that violates the copyright, trademark, or intellectual property law of the United States; child pornography; forging TCP-IP packet headers in an email or posting; DOS (denial of service) attacks, mail-bombing, network flooding, and any attempt to attack any network or network equipment; monitoring data, packets, or traffic on a network without the written permission of that network's owner; probing, scanning, or testing for system vulnerabilities.

You are responsible for the expenses and costs attributed to correcting, cleaning up, and repairing any damage that results from your actions in violation of this policy.

Third Parties

The services provided to you may not be transferred to third parties. You may not provide third parties with services that utilize any part of our equipment or other resources without the Provider's approval. Should you violate this requirement, you will be held responsible for all actions of such third parties. The HCOOP, Inc. Board of Directors has the final say on the difference between what constitutes a transferal of services and what constitutes normal "client" use of an Internet service.

Indemnification and Disclaimer

You agree to indemnify the Provider for any violation of the Provider's service agreement, law or acceptable use policy (AUP) by you that results in loss to the Provider. You also agree to hold the Provider harmless of any claims against you or the Provider for violations of this policy. If the Provider shall be enjoined in a lawsuit because of your activity, you shall be responsible for any damages awarded against the Provider, plus costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

The Provider reserves the right to change this agreement at any time. The current version/form of this agreement will be available 24/7 at https://hcoop.net/tos.html. Members will be provided at least one week's notice before any changes are made, to be conveyed to their e-mail addresses on record.

I agree to the terms outlined here, and I agree to accept any new conditions introduced by modifications to these terms if I do not ask the Provider to terminate my account within the one week notice period for changes. I certify that any personal information I have provided to the Provider is accurate, including that I am the person listed above as "real name" and that I am at least 18 years of age.